Discover the Vendée Breton marsh

The Vendée Breton marsh stretches over 45,000 hectares of canals, wet meadows and unique polders in France! During your camping holiday in Saint Jean de Monts, you will discover the drains that drain the marsh, these small channels through which salt marshes and sea communicate. The ditches, ditches and ancient salt marshes create the landscape, sheltering a very rich fauna (otters, genets, nutria, eels, frogs, birds: birds of prey, waders, waders and palmipeds).

There are many paths that will take you through the almost deserted countryside and will allow you to discover the villages of marshes and harbors. As a family, with friends or as a couple, the Vendée Breton marsh can be explored either by foot on the GR8 or by bike along the cycle paths.