Discover the nautical center for thrills 

Sports or family practice, search for thrills or intoxication of large spaces, the nautical base offers you the opportunity to live your emotions at your own pace!

Many activities for young and old:

  • single or double kayaks: ideal for a short hike with friends or family
  • windsurfers: regular surfers can rent their equipment and venture alone on the water
  • surfing: depending on the age, level and type of waves, different surfing resin or foam are proposed
  • bodyboards: ideal to discover the glide or tackle the big waves for maximum sensations
  • stand up paddle: to test as a couple, with family or friends, it will be necessary to find your balance and especially to keep it!
  • and also: kite tank, sand yachting, surf kit, ect.

Trainings to begin or to improve you as well as courses for the children eager to better know the marine environment are also proposed by a team of qualified professionals.

Base Nautique

Avenue de l’Estacade

85160 Saint Jean de Monts