Organize a fishing trip on foot in Saint Jean de Monts …

The beach of Saint Jean de Monts, a length of 8 kilometers, is the favorite spot of many fishermen! Located north of the town, the very quiet beach of La Davière is also ideal for fishing on foot, totally wild with beautiful dunes that stretch to infinity from north to south. Further south, the Estacade beach is a popular fishing spot but also a very nice place to walk.

During your camping holiday, enjoy the low tide to experiment with fishing on foot. You will be able to find the famous gables of Saint Jean de Monts between the beach of the Golf and the beach of the Demoiselles, or the hulls, periwinkles, clams, oysters, mussels and other shells.

In summer, on the long sandy beaches of Saint Jean de Monts, shrimp fishing is also a pleasant hobby to share with family or friends. With the help of a bichette or a shrimp, you will be able to catch the shrimps (or boucauds) or the pink shrimps (or bouquets) at certain periods.

Upon your return to the 5-star campsite Les Genêts, enjoy the delicious freshly caught shellfish.